Robin Thicke: Jazz In The Garden

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With his silken falsetto, hypnotizing blue eyes, coy smile, and steamy singles, it’s no mystery why his current album is titled “Sex Therapy. The whisper like melody of his lyrics leaves little to the imagination as he seduces the listener, vividly setting the mood.

The women in attendance at Sunrise Stadium for last night’s annual Jazz In The Gardens can surely attest to the sensual pull that is distinctly Mr. Thicke’s as he began his set; a siren like call, “Lost without you, can’t help myself, how does it feel, to know that I love you baby?”

A rhetorical question that the women throughout the audience decided to answer as they screamed “I’m right here, baby!” Interscope recording artist Robin Thicke placed the crowd in a trance as lovers turned to each other singing along word for word promises of sweet satisfaction and devotion.

If you missed Jazz In The Gardens, don’t worry has you covered.

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