Signs It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Relationship Or Fight For It!

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Over the years we have grown to love Chrissy Tiegan, she has an air of realness that has forced us to gravitate to her. Although she is married to John Legend she is in no way hiding in his shadow. As a model, she already had her own claim to fame equipped with a super fan club. which I am a proud member of (virtually of course). I must say that I live for her Twitter tirades against Donald Trump and her witty comebacks for the notorious Twitter trolls.

In a recent interview, Chrissy revealed that while she was dating John Legend he attempted to break up with her. He claimed that he would be happier being single as he focused on his career. In true Tiegan fashion, she flat out told him “No!”. Now eleven years later the two are happily married and have welcomed their beautiful daughter Luna into the world.

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