Signs It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Relationship Or Fight For It!

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That had me thinking, are some relationships really worth fighting for?  Honestly, I know I am too prideful to force anything, that includes friendships, ponytails, and the top button of every shirt that I own (sigh). However, upon meeting someone that you know is the “one” for you, would you really let that person walk away? Would you willingly give up that state of euphoria that only that person can provide?
I just think you have to be honest with yourself and the state of your relationship or situationship.
If this person wants out…
a) Is it because of a temporary feeling or change?
  • Moving
  • Career Change
  • Death In Immediate Family
  • Financial Hardship
  • Illness
Solution: Let your significant other know that you are ready, willing, and able to weather any storm by their side. Be considerate during this time and offer solutions when necessary.Please note that this will also require PATIENCE!
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