SPLITTSVILLE: Fantasia & Her Man Kendall Taylor Done For?

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DSC_5836-500x623Not really sure what the relationship title is between Fantasia and her husband/boyfriend/homie, lover, friend Kendall Taylor

After her nightmare of a relationship with Antwaun Cook (the married man who fathered her son) a few years ago we just wanted her to win in love. So, we were all for her new beaux love is a beautiful thing.  Although we never saw wedding pictures and who’s had the time to investigate if they actually signed any legal documents, spiritual marriages are a thing in Hollywood (Brandy, Kimora…) but she said that was her husband and that was enough for us.

Welp, everyone wants love but marriage isn’t easy and after just a few honeymoon months, it seems they’re headed to splittsville.

Fantasia was mourning the death of her grandmother, posting pictures with sentimental captions to the gram. What she posted has everyone wondering if their “marriage” is done for.


Then she posted an image with her wedding ring that really has us thrown, what’s going on?

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