Star Jones’ Ex Husband Al Reynolds Finally Out Of The Closet

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You guys remember Star Jones ex-husband Al Reynolds? Well, he has finally come out of the closet as being bisexual. Now this story is a little different from the ones I usually report on, simply because Mr. Reynolds was one of my professors in college. By this time he was already divorced. He was always such a joy to be around and very pleasant, warm even.  As far as sexual orientation goes I would just say I initially believed that he was metrosexual. I mean he was perfection, clothes ironed to a crisp, colors coordinated down to the hue and not a hair out of place! There were rumors via media that he was down low but no actual proof or weird interactions with other males, at least not anything that raised any red  flags.

Recently Reynolds sat down with Radar Online and he finally identified himself as bisexual.

Y’all Star Jone’s life just turned into a Terry McMillan book real quick!

He went on to discuss how his upbringing in a Black Church community made it very hard for him to be transparent about who he really was. Having to cope with this in the public eye, he began a serious downward spiral. Al recalls being unemployed and resorting to drugs and alcohol to ease his pain.

We can agree the black community tends to display homophobic tendencies, so I can imagine how hard being truthful about the situation must’ve been. To be honest, to hear that he came out as bisexual isn’t a shock. First of all, we knew Star was his beard (aka cover story). He just struck me as someone who, if/when he dated a woman, she would be the supermodel type. Nothing against Star, but she just wasn’t that.

Hmm, I can’t help but speculate that maybe there is someone special in his life. I mean it’s almost 10 years since his divorce and he is now talking about it? I won’t be surprised if we start seeing pics of him with his new significant other. Or maybe he has issued a gag order as part of his divorce terms with Star and he is now able to speak freely???

Either way, I’m not mad at you Professor; you’re an equal opportunity dater! It’s your preference and don’t let anyone shame you about it. I’m sure that he feels much better now that he is in control of the narrative. For years people have speculated and called him things, now he is free and comfortable to be who he is with whomever he chooses.

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