Starz announces ‘Power’ Season 4 Premiere Date

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Just in time for Summer! Season four of Starz drama Power returns Sunday, June 25, hopefully Saturday, June 24 for Xfinity on Demand customers🤞🏾. We just about lost our minds with the way season three ended.


Mike Sandoval (aka Lobos’ bitch) killed Greg, yet Ghost ends up cuffed — by Angela, because let’s face it he was sloppy. Tommy and Ghost killed Milan “solving” one problem, but dang Tommy is the new bad guy. He’s secretly funneling drugs through the club unbeknowest to Ghost. Less we forget, Kanan has kidnapped his hard headed behind son. That’s a lot for one fine ass man to deal with.

Season 4 picks up after Ghost’s arrest. “Ghost can’t outrun his past choices and mounting enemies this season, which threaten his freedom and his family’s safety at every turn. His fight for redemption brings him face-to-face with the Feds, the media, new allies and old foes. But the biggest obstacle for Ghost remains himself and his internal struggle between the man he wants to be and the one he really is.”

The drama created by Courtney A. Kemp draws you in, so, we’re really hoping that season four delivers. We’ll be seeing some new faces this season, the late Charlie Murphy who plays a prison guard and Larenz Tate, as a City Councilman.

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