Tat My Name So I Know It’s Real…But Was It Really?

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Amber Rose
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Adrienne Bailon and hubby Israel Houghton just debuted their matching tattoos of the Roman numeral 11 on their ring fingers. The two married November 11th 2016 and seem to be enjoying the married life (well at least they better be if they are getting tattooed!).
[Note: This isn’t Adrienne’s first time getting a tattoo to glorify her significant other. Remember she dated Robert Kardashian eons ago— well let’s just say he stayed on her ass, literally. Yes! Adrienne had “Robert” tattooed on her derriere and it took three tries to get it removed to her satisfaction!]
Anyways, they aren’t the first couple to do this, in fact, entertainment powerhouse couple; Jay Z and Beyoncé had the Roman numeral 4 tattooed on their ring fingers. The number 4 is symbolic for the couple as their birthdays fall on the 4th (Beyoncé September 4th and Jay Z December 4th), the couple also wed on the 4th of April 2008.
Luckily for them, they’re still going strong… the following celebs were not so lucky… Check out these celebs that have been inked with love.
Amber Rose had a tattoo of her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa ‘s face on the back of her arm, right above her elbow. Since the couple has divorced and both parties have clearly moved on, it only made sense that she covered the tattoo. Wiz has been allegedly replaced with GunsNRoses member, Slash.
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