Tatted So You Know It’s Real Christina Milian’s New Ink Inspired By Her New Boo

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Seems women have forgotten that they’re the gift and in forgetting this are just doing the most in these short lived situation-ships. Christina Milian is such a sweet girl but one would hope that after all of her past failed romances with  Nick Cannon, Polo Da Don, ex husband The  Dream and producer Dre that she would take certain cautions with her heart.


The pair like to remain tight lipped about their rumored love affair while cameras are rolling. However, she has no qualms about getting all lovey dovey  via social media  with the cryptic posts. Taking it up a notch Christina seemed very happy to tell E News about the new tattoo on her left arm which reads, “love hard…TNT.”

“You can make your special guesses…of what that means,” Milian went on to say, trying to close the pandora box she’d just opened.

Well, let the guessing begin: “TNT” reportedly stands for Tina and Tunechi, which is Lil Wayne’s nickname and something I guess they’re trying to make stick. Milian even had “TNT” shaved into her hair on the back of her head.


Let’s all make note of the fact that Lil Wayne has yet to make public declarations of love…but to each their own right.

Girl keep doing the most…

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