“That’s My Soulmate We Just Can’t Be Together: Safaree Breaks His Silence On Breakup w/ Nicki Minaj

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Celebrity break ups can be awkward, their in the public sphere so even though you feel it’s a private matter you still want to know what happened. Although everyone knew that SB and Nicki Minaj were undercover lovers we’ve learned more about them as a couple apart than when they were together.

Pushed to his breaking point it (Nicki called him corny) Safaree decided to break his silence on the break up stopping by 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club to talk it out.

In the interview Charlamagne says, “I always wondered why she never claimed the relationship of it but she claimed the break up.”


SB: “I really don’t understand that myself to me. I used be like, there is no way people really don’t know [we’re together]. And if you don’t know you’re either naive or you’re stupid. So I never understood that.

As for why they never tied to knot? He says simply, “Because it would’ve been public information. That was the main reason.”

Ever wonder how he could just fall back and allow her to flirt, hug up on and kiss other men:


“Maybe I’ve been dealing with the [disrespect] for so long, it just felt like the norm to me. It got numb to me. I’m telling you, I really just was like, so numb to that. I definitely felt like there was some stuff that didn’t have to be done, but it is what it is.”

meek-mill-nicki-minaj-2015-01-11 meek-mill-nicki-minaj-i-b-on-that-behind-the-scenes safaree-goes-off-on-twitter

He says a lot more discussing his role in the relationship, co-owner of Pink Friday Productions and helping her to write her raps. How he introduced her to Meek Mill but feels the 27-year-old rapper owes him nothing. Overall he attributes their demise to a lack of respect more so then the industry. He wouldn’t bash her in public or behind doors and he just wants her to extend the same courtesy.

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