The Perfect Match: Played Out, Drawn Out and Yet Societally Correct Depiction of A “Player”

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I must admit that upon seeing the preview for The Perfect Match, my initial response involved a lot of eye rolls, ‘Oh Lord’s!’ and side eyes. While I cannot deny, that yes, I was absolutely correct in some aspects, I must also concede that I was pleasantly surprised with others.

The rom-com takes us on the journey of love, friends and family with Charlie Mac played by Terrence J. We encounter the player in Charlie who only participates in no strings attached one night stand form of relationships. That is, until he encounters Eva played by Cassie. At this juncture, we see him fight falling in love, watch his friends as they deal with their individual relationships and encounter a sisters unconditional love in Paula Patton that only wants to see her little brother acknowledge the place of his pain.

The played out, drawn out and yet societally correct depiction of a “player” as portrayed by Terrence J in the role of Charlie Mac was both annoying in it’s accuracy and heartbreaking at the same time. Honestly, the continual portrayal of cash, cars, and quick insignificant relationships as something to aspire to really irks my nerves. Yes, I will admit that Terrence redeems himself in the end, but that doesn’t remove from the idea that his married and engaged best friends both are “living vicariously through [him]”.



In a time where what we see on the big screen seems to have a large influence on what we desire in real life, I have to agree with Oscar Wilde that in 2016, “…it is none the less true that Life imitates art far more than Art imitates life.” Society seems to be striving to live up to what we see in movies and hear in music lyrics more so than anything else. This is especially prevalent in black culture.  Do we really need another movie depicting a lifestyle that really is detrimental socially, emotionally and even economically to society as a whole?

In a time where the black community is complaining that we are not receiving enough roles in Hollywood, should these types of movies be what we’re putting out? Instead of falling into the stigma and going with the grain of the soft-core porn like movie ideals and falling in line with social media’s insatiable appetite for the body of women, I would have appreciated seeing a relationship that I could aspire to; one that I felt really celebrated #blacklove, because honestly, media has pushed forth a saturation of women being overly sexualized to get a man. I would love it if we brought back Love and Basketball  kind of love, but I digress.

 I’m choosing to sum up this movie in three facial expressions, the eye roll, laughing out loud and surprised.

 My Eye Roll Moments


 Ok, let’s keep it real; was all the jiggly booties really necessary though (extra side eye moment)?

This movie involved a lot of quick and fast sex with very strange transitions, and did I mention an unnecessary amount of women in barely there underwear? If you like big butts and you cannot lie, then by all means, this movie is for you, but be sure to leave the kiddies at home.

I Laughed Out Loud When…

The comedy part of the genre of this movie was earned. There is nothing like seeing a romantic comedy that involves no comedy (definite side eye).

I absolutely loved the relationship between the men. The loving jabs they took at each other ranging from being out of shape, to centerpieces and sperm count. I especially appreciated the way they so easily forgave and brought each other back into the fold. It really made them endearing and drew me into their characters. The writers did a great job highlighting what true friendship looks like, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It will weather the storm and it’s not easily broken.


MissJ-ShockedI Was Surprised When…

Truly and honestly, the “love story” between Cassie and Terrence didn’t really do it for me. As an avid reader of diverse romance novels growing up, it didn’t really grab my attention. I was more entertained by the other cast members and especially every time Paula Patton came on the screen. The doctor that was doctoring her little brother but herself needed to be doctored…I loved her!

Despite my feelings on the romantic aspect of this movie, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and gleeful about the outcome of Terrence and Cassie’s relationship. The bomb that goes off in their relationship is atomic in nature with all the destruction you would expect, but it all comes together in the end with restoration, growth and the courage to love.

All in all, I have to give props to the writers for doing something different. Would I recommend this movie…yes, but ABSOLUTELY NOT as a first date. Go watch it with your friends, it makes for great conversation.

As Terrence so beautifully put it, “There is no such thing as perfect people, but people who are perfect for each other.”

We might be perfect for each other boo, but I’m not helping you see jiggly booties, your Instagram feed has that on lock!

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