No ‘Carter 6’, At least Not From Young Thug

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No longer titled the “Carter 6” Young Thug has been forced to decide to change the name of his upcoming mixtape due out April 17th. What a great promotion ploy current protege vs original protege why else would blogs cover the release of this mixtape without some type of Lil Wayne affiliation?

#c6otw Udigg!!! VIDEO BY: @yslapparel

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After Lil Wayne threw much shade at the rapper for the way he posed on the cover art  we now learn from an Instagram video made yesterday by Young Thug that he’s being forced to change the title.

“Can’t name the mixtape Carter 6 because these f**k ass n****s tryin’ to sue just like some hoes,” said the rapper.  “Big ol’ Blood so…Barter 6 on the f***in’ way.”

Wow one whole letter, guess now everyone is Blood gang affiliated. Guess Weezy is no longer his idol, because the rapper then made another video in which he pretty much makes a call to action for some gun play during his NOLA show. Dang bruh, you mad or nah?  

4/17 #BARTER6 VIDEO BY: @mpaduke1 FT. @yakgotti_

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 Remember when Juvenile released 400 degrees then Lil Wayne released his mixtape 500 degrees…guess Thugga ain’t bought that life…We understand Carter is his last night but if Young Thugg was serious about naming his project Carter 6 you’d think he’d have his legal team ensure that he could clear all the inevitable red tape. #IJS

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