Trends That Are Creeping Up On Us From Back In The Day

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Ok so while browsing the net of course I see some earrings that look pretty familiar; the bamboo hoop earrings from the 90’s! But do y’all see that price? $16? Oh no, see I can go to my local hair store and get those for a dollar!

That got me to thinking about the way a lot of things that are new trends for us are just history’s way of repeating it self. We’re literally seeing the 80’s and 90’s roll back around.

Things like “cornrows ” are now called “boxer braids”…

Crazy right? Looks like cornrows to me!


Even Dashikis have come back with a strong vengeance. Right in time as a representation of where we come from, so we don’t forget it as we get through this Black Lives Matter movement.


I won’t lie and say this isn’t one of my favorite trends that has repeated itself. It just just gives us a sense of unity, you know?

Something I see really creating buzz is this phenomenon with our NATURAL HAIR! I know that may seem crazy that it’s only a trend for us to wear our natural hair but hey I love it. I see that we’re slowly but surely getting rid of these perms and letting the damaged parts of our hair grow back the way they should be. img_8049

Last but not least, we can’t forget the high waisted pants!


These have definitely come back for the better of the booty!


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