Twitter Stunt: Tyrese Blasts Kim K For Not Supporting Lala’s Show

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Everyone knows that Ty Ty has a tendency of going hard on Twitter. His last twitter stunt came as he tried to put Kim Kardashian on blast for not supporting Lala‘s show. Well now Lala and Kim speak about why it may seem to everyone outside looking in  that Kim K isn’t supportive of Lala.

This is what LaLa had to say via WJLB :

“Ive known him since I was 16 years old sometimes he reacted without knowing the facts. And fact of the matter is Kim has a show on at the same time as mine. E would have a cow if she was tweeting about my show when she has a show going on. Just think about how ridiculous that would be. ‘everybody watch lalas show’ hut don’t u have a show on at the same time?

We Thought Lala's son was giving Kim the side eye as well!!

Kims featured on my show in 2 episodes and shes been completely supportive and I just think (Ty)rese didn’t know that and once it was explained he was like ‘aw I get it now.’ But he didnt realize it would cause this whole frenzy that it did. But in know way have I ever questioned our friendship. This girl goes hardcore when it comes to being a true friend.

This is what Kimmy Kakes had to say via her blog:

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets saying I’m not supportive of Lala because I didn’t tweet about her show, even though I blogged! But I want to let you guys know that I am 100% supportive of my friends, and they know that, but since I have my own show on at the same time on a different network I am contractually obligated to promote that via my Twitter. I can’t tweet about her show, just like she can’t tweet about mine, but we completely support each other. Lala is one of my closest friends, I was a part of her bridal party at her wedding and threw her her bachelorette party, which you will see on her show! I support her in everything she does, both personally and professionally.

Love u La!

I guess two best friends having two different shows at the same time is a great problem to have!

So guess with that they’re both saying ‘set down somewhere Tyrese‘, with your sexy chocolate self.

Okay well that last part was all me!

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