[VIDEO] Cassie Releases “The Wait Is Over (Part 1)” Documentary

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Cassie is ready to takeover! She’s the new face of Forever 21, released her mixtape called “RockaByeBaby” last week (see here) and today she released the first part of her documentary “The Wait Is Over“.

We can all agree that Cassie is ridiculously gorgeous, regardless if she’s wearing a dress or sweat pants this girl is flawless! When it comes to modeling Cassie gets my vote all day everyday. Even though Cassie has been M.I.A from the music scene for years she’s recently spoke with XXL about hopefully getting to Katy Perry and Rihanna’s level.

XXL: With artists like Rihanna and Katy Perry, how have you managed to stay in the running?

Cassie: “I don’t consider myself in the running. I consider myself such an underdog. Rihanna is seven albums in. She is non-stop working. I have been too, but on a totally different plane and level. Just not out, all over the world like that. I really started focusing on something. I would go away from it and come back. I’m just really a perfectionist with everything. So I don’t consider myself in the running with them. Hopefully soon! I’m working towards that. I think they’re all really awesome.”

Check out Part 1 of Cassie’s documentary below!

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