[WATCH] Justin Timberlake Brings Out Jay Z During 20/20 Experience Tour’ Stop In Brooklyn

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Seems they partied it up with Taylor Swift on Saturday for her 25th birthday, then on Sunday headed to Brooklyn’s Barclay Center to bring the house down for Justin Timberlake’s  20/20 Experience Tour which is in it final months of dates.

Jay Z joined him on stage to perform their Magna Carta Holy Grail collaboration, Holy Grail. The stage chemistry is natural for them, this isn’t their first pairing they have the Legends of the Summer under their belts.

Although we get the Jay Z / JT connection it’s kind of hard to figure out how Ms. Blank Space joined the clique. They make an odd group of friends but hey, whatever floats their boats. Concert goers tweeted pictures and IG videos of them getting down together in the audience to the Holy Grail performance.

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