What Led To The Drake & Diddy Fight In Miami

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No one was expecting to wake up Monday morning to news that Diddy and Drake had gotten into it at Club LIV during DJ Khaled’s birthday party. But with web-streets talking and even Rick Ross’ DJ Sam Sneak tweetin’ there wasn’t much left to do but believe something went down. But why?

There have been different stories  about why the fight went down. First it was about Cassie but now reports claim that Diddy punched Drizzy over now Grammy nominated track “0 to 100/ The Catch Up” which was given to the both of them by producer Boi-1da. Seems the two couldn’t agree on how to move or when to move on the track and Aubry decided to record the song on his own, thus leaving Sean Combs salty.

So, when they ran into each other at LIV Mr. Combs confronted him, Drake didn’t give him the reaction that he wanted which obviously made Diddy made and that’s when Diddy allegedly stated “You’ll never disrespect me again” punching Drake dead in the face causing him to need to visit the E.R. …not because the punch but because of other injuries sustained from the fall their after possibly?

It’s all pretty childish if you as us, but you didn’t. Two grown men with several 000,000’s in their bank accounts mad over a song. So, I guess a punch to the face makes Diddy all the more respectable now…

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