Young Lit Hippy Is Back With A Brand New Track “Late Nights”

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Young Lit Hippy has been in the music industry for the past 5 years and his accomplishment is quite satisfactory. His 2017 independent tour has been super successful as he received a great response from his fanbase. He is now more focused on his YouTube channel and he recently dropped the brand new song ‘Late Nights’ that has some amazing lyric which will simply blow your mind and touch your soul.
Young has released over 20 songs and some of them are single track while others are collaborations. All these songs are available on all the leading music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and likewise. You can also follow his YouTube channel to be a part of the Young Lit Hippy movement. He also keeps posting on Instagram. After the success of the ‘Good Morning’ music video, Mic has worked so hard to produce another masterpiece with his brand new song ‘Late Nights’ and it looks absolutely lit in every sense. Being an avid storyteller, Mic will once again amaze with the depth of the lyrics and its co-relation with the human life. It is so catchy in terms of beats, lyrics, and vibes that you are sure to get addicted to it.


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